01 November 2012

27 October 2012

20 October 2012

22 September 2012

First sharp frost ends Gunnera's career

The autumn's first sharp frost, last night, looks like it will stop the gunnera in its tracks and put paid to its 2012 career.

05 September 2012

25 August 2012

After a slow start

After a slow start in the spring and terrible weather in the summer the gunnera seems to have coped remarkably well!

26 July 2012

Basking in the sun!

And the common spotted orchids look good too!

30 May 2012

Look at the progress!

In just a few days look how things have changed ... in just 4 days the gunnera has blossomed!

26 May 2012

Trying to recover from the frost damage

Its about a month since my last blog and the Gunnera has been quiet until this week when the warm sunny weather encouraged it to wake up after those heavy frosts and terrible rains. Here is what the gunnera looks like today.  Check the link at the bottom of the blog to see what it was like at this time last year.

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