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Guest Blog from Judie Siddall, Palo Alto, California

December 2015

The latest Guest Blog from Judie Siddall, in Palo Alton in the USA, who has sent me details of the Gunnera growing well in Prehistoric Garden of San Francisco Zoo. "The Gunnera is a bit frost damaged at the S.F. Zoo, but some of the leaves are still green."

Thanks Judie :)


"Here is what the San Francisco Zoo says about Gunnera.  I always like to take a photo of the signs (unless I know the animal or plant).  There were large model dinosaurs among the plants.  But I like my animals at zoos to be living."

Gunnera tinctoria at San Francisco Zoo 2015
photo ; Judie Siddall, click to enlarge

The zoo is located in San Francisco, near the Pacific Ocean.  The climate is usually foggy and damp. Perfect for visiting animals who like to retire from the heat of the sun (most) and those who like twilight too.  The animals were all out and about yesterday, 3 July 2015.

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The San Francisco Zoo Prehistoric Garden 2015
"One of the newest additions to the Zoo’s gardens is the Prehistoric Garden across from the South American Tropical Building by the edge of the lake. This area is still being developed and will focus on ancient plant varieties that have survived for millions of years. Mosses, gunnera, horsetails and ferns have survived since the time of dinosaurs and continue to delight to this day."

Gunnera tinctoria San Francisco Zoo 2015
photo: courtesy San Francisco Zoo

Thank you Judie for your Guest Blog!

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