31 May 2013

Its official - coldest spring in more than 50 years

Nice today though!

And the bluebells are blossoming by the canal.

28 May 2013

Damp & Swampy

Weather for ducks! Miserable and wet. All day.

23 May 2013

Still no sun and very cold

But the Gunnera is still putting on growth.

19 May 2013

Onwards and upwards ...

... big changes in just ten days. Page down and compare today with 9th May.


14 May 2013

Its turned cold again ...

... and growth has slowed up a tad. But only a tad!

10 May 2013

Another day ... another inch or two or three!

Look at the change in just about a week!  Page down to 02 May and you'll see what I mean

06 May 2013

More sun and more growth

... but this time for our tiny Gunnera magellanica.

and the big one ...

and the Fritillaria meleagris meadow (actually, a patch) !