12 May 2020

Spring 2020

We've seen some major changes in the fortunes of our gunnera manicata this spring. Following a relatively mild winter the plant began to get going quite quickly as the new season took hold. Then a sharp frost knocked it right back for a few weeks until the plant struggled back with fresh growth to cast aside its spoiled leaves. Then suddenly another quick frost put it back to square one. There is no doubt that this enormous, fast-growing and moisture-loving plant cannot stand any frost.

Gunnera after a first big frost
10 April 2020

Gunnera doing well
10 May 2020

Gunnera 11 May 2020

Gunnera 11 May 2020

Gunnera 12 May 2020

Gunnera 12 May 2020

09 November 2019

Autumn gets a grip

Thick frost this morning and the gunnera is on its last legs. Soon be time for a 'Coverup'.

Here is the 'Great Gunner Coverup' of  November 2014

26 July 2019

Height of the Summer

July 25th will be remembered in the UK. It was HOT! We reached 34 C locally and it was only towards the late evening that we ventured into the garden. And look what we found! The gunnera is doing well, enjoying the hot days and wet (very wet) nights.

Pam's photo