09 November 2019

Autumn gets a grip

Thick frost this morning and the gunnera is on its last legs. Soon be time for a 'Coverup'.

Here is the 'Great Gunner Coverup' of  November 2014

26 July 2019

Height of the Summer

July 25th will be remembered in the UK. It was HOT! We reached 34 C locally and it was only towards the late evening that we ventured into the garden. And look what we found! The gunnera is doing well, enjoying the hot days and wet (very wet) nights.

Pam's photo

06 May 2019

12 months on

Tempus Fugit, gunnera manicata. It's almost 12 months since I last posted the plant's progress. So here goes with two new photos. The gunnera survived the winter and its very sharp frosts. Then it sprang into life in the gorgeous weather of March only to be knocked back by more frosts that followed. Gunnera's are tender little things! Now it is trying to move on again following the heat wave of Easter and then the downpours that followed. We don't expect a big year from it in 2019, but who knows?

Interestingly this South American plant has got two new South American friends. A pair of Rhea (distantly related to the ostrich), raised by a neighbour and released into the field behind us.