17 September 2013

Holding Up!

Had some lousy wet and windy weather recently. Even the horses have put their thermals on! But the Gunnera soldiers on ...

07 September 2013

04 September 2013

A season of mists and mellow gunnera watch!

Apologies to the regular Gunnera Watchers - couldn't resist it!

01 September 2013

Cool | Cloudy | Dry | Perfect

... yes perfect weather for hard work in the garden at the official end of summer in the UK. Yes that went quick ...

So its been time for hedge trimming - 300 feet of 'short back and sides and a bit off the top.' Followed by a Radox.com bath, a snifter, and Bruckner 6!

Oh, incidentally, the Gunnera keeps growing!  Notice how the leaves are beginning to darken.