14 November 2013

The Great Cover-up

With the weather becoming increasingly wintry, and cold north winds forecast to blow our way in the next few days, we spied our chance in the sun this afternoon.  And the Great Cover-up commenced.

We cut 86 huge leaves from the gunnera and used  them, as you will see, to protect the rather tender plant from frost.

Here's how its done ... and incidentally this is a couple of weeks later in the season than last year.

Keep watching!

10 November 2013

Sharp frost last night

Compared with last year the gunnera is doing very well.  But last night's sharp frost will take its toll. And look at the trees ... remarkable that some still have their leaves, some are still green and some are beginning to turn. Strange weather!

04 November 2013

First frost!

It was cold last night and our first frost under clear skies. Minus2. Ouch!  The gunnera will suffer now. Last year we covered it up about one week earlier ... CLICK HERE  to see