20 December 2015

Guest Blog from Judie Siddall, Palo Alto, California

The latest Guest Blog from Judie Siddall, in Palo Alton in the USA, who has sent me details of the Gunnera growing well in Prehistoric Garden of San Francisco Zoo. "The Gunnera is a bit frost damaged at the S.F. Zoo, but some of the leaves are still green."


Thanks Judie :)

21 November 2015

Covered up just in time

Now covered in the winter's first snow

18 November 2015

Gusty winds take their toll

Very high winds did some damage to the Gunnera so the decision was taken ...

... the great winter cover-up proceeds!

Job Done!

10 November 2015

Cold nights, gusty winds and winter

The change in the weather is taking its toll and the Gunnera is beginning to die back. Stand by for the Big Winter Cover Up!

14 October 2015

Autumn Gunnera

Photos by Pam

05 October 2015

Another Guest Blog from Christian Wagner

End of Season ... Lews Castle in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
What a beauty - but regarded as 'pest' on the Island.

28 September 2015

Blood Moon in the Gunnera Garden 27 Sept 2015

The 'blood moon' from the Gunnera Garden 27 Sept 2015
We made an effort!  We set our alarm for 0245, woke up and saw the moon's eclipse forming. Stunning!  The eclipse continued and at 0325 the last image was taken.  The photos were taken on a simple Panasonic Lumix TZ60 camera - we were "chuffed" to see the results. Even tho' the gunnera was in total darkness! Then back to bed.

27 September 2015

Beautiful start to the day but ...

Air frosts of the last two nights are beginning to take their toll and the leaves of the Gunnera are beginning to brown and crisp.

19 September 2015

First signs ...

The Gunnera still looks great and we've even been able to chop off a lump to give to a friend as a cutting for him to grow on.  But there are first signs of deterioration.  A sharp air frost a couple of nights ago got one of the leaves and as you can see it has turned brown.

Here is the remnant of the 'cutting' operation.  The cutting, itself, weighed around 10 kilos! Its now gone to pastures new in the town of Leek.

And here is a short movie of the Autumnal Activity in the garden

10 September 2015

What's that!?

Well, well.  What is that I see growing just left of the Gunnera?
Its the famous Moorlands Tulip Tree :)

The famous Tulip Tree September 2015
Actually its high-fired red earthenware, with two coloured glazes.  Made in The Staffordshire Moorlands, in Hartington, by The Rookes.  They have now retired so its a one-off!

22 August 2015

Another Guest Blog from Christian Wagner, Isle of Lewis

In and around Point on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Thank you Christian

Point on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

08 August 2015

Still going strong

And the Innula Hookeri looks good too!

30 July 2015

The Visit

Our friends from South Cheshire made the journey to North Staffordshire on a mission (although they didn't know it at the time!) to see 'The Biggest Plant in the World.' And the outcome? A fabulous selfie!

Pam, Sabine, Terry, Gaiostopher and Ilaria (on camera duty) - oh and The Plant as backdrop.

26 July 2015

Guest Blog from Christian Wagner, Isle of Lewis

Gunnera grows wild and quite freely on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.  Here are photos of the plant near Portvoller taken by Christian Wagner.  The gunnera is now regarded and described as an 'Island Pest'.  Thank you Chris!

Portvoller is a small village on the north tip of the Eye Peninsula (also known as Point), on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, northwestern Scotland. Its most prominent feature is the Tiumpan Head Lighthouse, which is located at the northernmost tip of the village.  It is 9 miles from Stornoway.

22 July 2015

Guest Blog from Judie Siddall, Palo Alto, California

"I spotted these plants in a charming garden filled with chickens in Sonoma County, USA. The plants are in a garden filled with chickens, vegetables and flowers.  The farm is located close to the Pacific Ocean, so there is plenty of moisture."

Thanks Judie!

With more than 400 wineries, miles of rugged Pacific coastline, towering redwood forests, and its close proximity to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Sonoma County is a traveler’s dream vacation spot in California.

Discover more than 50 pristine nature parks that offer travelers miles of hiking and cycling trails through the towering redwoods or oak-studded hills. Rivers entice visitors to kayak, canoe, or simply float along the cool waters. A zip line excursion, a ropes course, or a hot-air balloon ride add a dash of adventure.

Breathtaking Highway 1 — Pacific Coast Highway — delights visitors with crashing waves, sea lions and otters sunning on the beaches, and amazing sunsets that color the sky in brilliant hues.

And a Gunnera!

12 July 2015

Summer trim, required ....

... otherwise access to our garden is difficult!